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LAUSD iPad program halted…but now under further scrutiny

We all know that buying iPads for every student without specific curriculum definition and professional development is a plan doomed to failure as LAUSD has already executed and confirmed in spectacular fashion.


But now the ugly ulterior motive is coming to light.  Of course the denials arise immediately, but without these motives, would any reasonable person really put that much money on the line?

Would you?

Read about LAUSD’s failed iPad program again (click here).

It’s time to understand the concept of TIME – Technology Independent Model for Education.  You can read about it in our previous blogs and news articles.

What’s the salient point?  It’s not about the device, or technology.  It’s about the curriculum and the teachers!

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The elephant in the classroom…

Finally it’s reaching the mainstream (educational) media.  Many one-to-one projects are failing.


And we already know why.  In fact, many of my ilk have been warning – we even wrote a whole book about it – buying laptops and handing them to kids (without building wireless network infrastructure, developing a curriculum-focused professional development program and implementing a technology lifecycle plan) will not only lead to a failed one-to-one initiative, but will likely lead to a giant waste of money, resources and time.

But there is a possible result that is even worse than simply wasted time and money – negative impact to learning and test scores because of lost classroom time and poor device and network performance.

This article is the first I’ve seen where the district has admitted the failure and actually stopped rolling out technology.  Usually, we just don’t hear about it.

LA Unified also recently re-defined their iPad program to be more school and curriculum-centric.

The question is, how do we insure the success of our one-to-one and/or BYOD program?

Simple answer – read this book: