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The Tao of Education Technology

On Education Technology


What of education technology?

We do not speak of education AND technology as if these two words when used sequentially connote a higher form.

Is education changed by technology?  If so, is this good?

Is technology a type of education?  If so, what of schools?


In the ultimate embodiment of education, what of technology?

The pencil and paper?


In our book N3XT Practices, we bluntly stated,

“These words go together like biscuits and gravy, yet schools are plagued by insufficient study into one area by the other.  This comparison works both ways – most educators don’t have a deep understanding of technology or how it all works together, while technologists don’t understand education from the educator’s perspective.  This conceptual divide typically results in the following outcomes:

1)      Money spent on technology without specific curricular planning – meaning little or no resultant benefit to student learning or academic results, or a result that can’t be measured by a means that is reliable and defensible.

2)      Technology that cannot be used effectively because of lack of infrastructure, and finally

3)      Technology in the classroom that the teacher hasn’t been trained to use effectively.”

N3XT Practices – An Executive Guide for Education Decision Makers – copyright 2014 Rowman & Littlefield Education

We cannot let Education Technology be a focus in-and-of-itself.  Much like STEM (Science, Technology, Math and Engineering) is not the “study of”, but rather ingrained within the curriculum.

Education Technology MUST connote leveraging advanced tools to facilitate student learning and achievement to where the resultant outcomes include one or more of the following compliments:

  • advanced analytical and critical thinking skills leveraged by the use of technology

  • collaboration and group work facilitated by technology

  • improved outcomes and test scores aided by technology tools availability

  • enhanced equity and access using technology tools

  • etc.

The Tao of Education Technology is a book that applies ancient philosophical inquiry to today’s Educational Technology mish-mosh of acronyms, buzzwords, mini-trends, and techno-babble, and seeks a clearer optimistic vision of the Ultimate Embodiment of Education as a component of community and society.

The Tao of Education Technology – by Darryl Vidal – copyright 2015