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Two devices per baby….!

I was just speaking to a construction manager (CM) for one of the new elementary schools we’re building.  We were having a discussion about the pre-school classroom technology requirements.

The conversation went something like this:

Consultant: “The pre-school classrooms are just like the others, Interactive White Board, Student Laptops, Doc Camera, etc.”

CM: “and an AP in each classroom right?”

Consultant: “Yes, just like the others.  We want to make sure we can support multiple devices per student.”

CM: “You mean multiple devices per baby?”baby


Funny thing is there’s sound reasoning behind this topical discussion.

From an infrastructure standpoint, we don’t know that these particular classrooms will always be for pre-schoolers (even though they have sinks and bathrooms).  Why wouldn’t a pre-school classroom not have the same technology as any other.

Although the babies may not have multiple devices, wireless saturation is just that, so why not?

Finally, with futuristic new technologies like RFID, smart-clothing, and wearable computers, every baby may need multiple devices.  It’s only logical!