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Scaling Technology and Infrastructure to Support the Common Core

Mike Casey will be presenting Scaling Technology and Infrastructure to Support the Common Core This Tuesday, May 13, 2:30 – 4:00pm.

Technology is more than purchasing the latest device; the infrastructure must be in place to support teaching and learning. Topics include:

  • Assess your site’s technology readiness. Does your site have the infrastructure, capacity, and commitment to support your technology?
  • Examine all costs associated with use, implementation, and scaling. Will you be able to sustain your purchase over time?
  • Plan for more than online testing. Is there a clear plan for effectively using technology for teaching and learning?
  • Plan and prepare for growth. Will your technology adapt to your changing needs?

A Curriculum First Approach to Technology

In this webinar sponsored by EdWeek and Google – Mike discusses how a curriculum approach to integrating technology is most successful.

This event took place on Monday, Nov. 18, 2013, 1 to 2 p.m. ET.


In this webinar, hear from Michael Casey, director of technology at Del Mar Union School District (DMUSD), a San Diego county-based, high-performing school district serving approximately 4,300 K-6 students. Casey will explore how they use Chromebooks in the district to support their curriculum focus on writing and the Common Core State Standards.

Learn about their curriculum-implementation strategy that ensures students are prepared for academic achievement as well as lifelong, self-directed learning and engagement as both global and digital citizens. In addition, discover how DMUSD developed a process for integrating tools to support instruction, selecting a hardware platform that supports instructional tools, and rolling out professional development that ensures success.

Casey uses Google Chromebooks for Education to leverage the power and simplicity of the Web for unlimited teaching and learning opportunities to engage all constituents including parents, students, teachers, and administrators.

Preparing Students for Academic Success: Webinar

Mike will be presenting a webinar sponsored by THE Journal.

Preparing today’s students for academic success means putting the right technology tools into their hands—tools that support curriculum and foster self-directed learning.

Learn how to drive achievement in your district with Chromebooks. Join us February 12 to hear Michael Casey, director of technology at Del Mar Union School District (DMUSD) in San Diego, discuss how his district is using Chromebooks to support its writing curriculum and the Common Core State Standards. Don’t miss this one-hour event to get details on the district’s:


Michael Casey has over 30 years of experience in Education as a classroom teacher, Educational Technology Resource teacher, Program Manager for Educational Technology and as an Executive Director for Information Technology at San Diego Unified School District. He is currently the director of Technology for Del Mar Union Schools and the President and CEO of Eire Group a technology consulting solutions group.